We may have been resting since the November elections but our eyes have remained open. Buffalo Tree Presents invites you to join us in our grassroots campaign “Care for the Caravan” on May 18 at the Granada Theater.


The Dallas event with performances by The Polyphonic Spree, Cure for Paranoia, Tiarra Girls, and Cry Havoc Theater Company will kick off our collection caravan where we will collect donations of essential items for those in need. On May 19 Still Austin Whiskey Co. in Austin will host a sister event emceed by honored anchor/reporter and author, Olga Campos Benz, with Tierra Girls performing. In addition to essential items, Austin Whiskey Co. will donate 10% of the event’s sales to the cause. The “Care For The Caravan” volunteers will continue their 507 mile journey on May 20 to bring all collected donations to those in need at the border in McAllen.

The last election cycle brought a renewed attention to the “crisis at the border” which continues to grow today. The crisis; however, is not the “invasion” but the lack of humanity extended to our fellow humans. We want to fight this false narrative and bring attention and aid to this humanitarian crisis.

The two night “Care For The Caravan” events will work to amplify the humanitarian crisis, mobilize grassroots support and bring critical aid to those in need at the southern border. Essential items will be collected as well as monetary donations to be delivered to refugees and immigrants in need at the border near McAllen, TX.